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Grosse Pointe, Michigan

When this Grosse Pointe client contacted us about a deteriorating mortar issue that he was having at his home, we came out right away to take a look. Upon inspection we could see that almost every mortar joint on a particular wall was compromised. It was cracking and breaking, allowing water to enter the basement along the top of a glass block window. Why is the mortar on this wall deteriorating when the condition of the walls adjacent to it was just fine? We discovered a damaged gutter that had been allowing water to flow down the brick siding, probably for years. This is a common cause of deterioration issues on chimneys, brick siding, and even porches.

After assessing the situation, we were able to assure the customer that there was a simple and affordable solution:

  • First, we solved the root of the problem by replacing the broken section of gutter. There would be no point to fixing the brick without first fixing the gutter.
  • The next step was to grind out the adulterated surface mortar approximately 1.5 inches deep on the wall in question.
  • Using our proprietary mortar blends, we were able to match the original brick work exactly. The custom blend of plaster, sand, and just the right amount of tint, was applied to the joints, then tooled, brushed, and finished, using the same techniques as the original mason used almost a century earlier.

The problem was solved, including the wet basement, and it is nearly impossible to detect the new mortar from 100-year-old mortar on an adjacent wall.

If you have a tuckpointing issue on your home, or any other masonry issuer, please give us a call and let one of our skilled and courteous professionals come to your home to provide you with a free estimate.

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